Change management focuses on how a business and its employees are affected by change, particularly when conducting organization-wide reforms to business practices.

There are several types of change management, including: developmental, transitional and transformational.

The ability to manage change is a challenging responsibility but as more businesses adapt their production and development models to suit modern practices, the role has become more relevant than ever.

Change management courses from APMG

There’s never been a better time to start your career in change management. More and more business models are adopting agile strategies and as such, the demand for individuals capable of facilitating smooth adoption of brand-new policy is at an all-time high.

Our courses will help you understand the types of change management from individual, organization to enterprise change management.

Change management isn’t just about projects. Its primarily about people. Knowledge Train’s courses will teach you proven approaches to handling change at an individual level.

The provided Effective Manager’s Handbook encompasses the entirety of the Change Management Institute’s information so you’ll know how to tailor your approach to suit different contexts.

Foundation & Practitioner courses

This course is aimed at experienced managers looking to help initiate and execute change programs. We’ll provide you with all the info you needed to help expedite the change process with a minimum of fuss.

Foundation courses online

Study from home with our online courses. This virtual training suite brings you all the information you’ll need in the comfort of your own home.